‘Easy As’-HIV testing week

Tour kicks off in Surry Hills

The combined mobile HIV testing promotion and music tour will be visiting Eat Street Market https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eat-Street-Market/818374584894113

Wollongong Thursday 4th June from 5.30pm onwards.

Featuring performances by:

  • Emily Williams
  • Kate DeAraugo
  • Paulini

Sat 30 May : Surry Hills 12pm-8pm

Sun 31 May : Bondi 10am-4pm

Mon 1 June: Newtown 3pm-10pm

Tues 2 June: Parramatta 10am-6pm

Wed 3 June: Campbelltown 10am-6pm

Thurs 4 June: Wollongong 5.30pm-9pm

Fri 5 June: Newcastle 4pm-10pm

The tour aims to raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing and encourages people to get tested by using music as a platform to have conversations about sexual health and HIV. Regular testing leads to early HIV diagnosis, enabling early treatment which results in better health and prevents further transmission.

Check www.endinghiv.org.au for performance details

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